A land promotion agreement is a contract between a landowner and a land promoter. The promoter provides financial resources, experience and expertise in gaining planning permission to maximise the value of the homeowners land.

The promotion agreement process and the planning permission process is funded entirely by us. We rely on years of experience to judge whether your land is suitable for development and take on all of the financial risk usually associated with the planning process.

There are no risks to the landowner in the promotion agreement process. All costs will be covered by us. You retain ownership of your land throughout the process. As the land promoter, we will only receive payment once your land is sold. It is in our interests to achieve the best sale price possible for your land.

Wynngate offers a complete package for your land promotion needs, relying on years of industry experience. We guarantee to maximise the value of your land through a transparent process.

Our strategic land department is headed by Ross Mitchell who has over 8 years of experience dealing with strategic land. The wider Wynngate strategic team includes architects, planning consultants, specialist consultants, engineers and solicitors.

If you have received a letter from us, this means we have carried out a desktop assessment of your land and believe it has significant potential for development. The process from here would be the following:

  • We would request a meeting and a site visit to carry out a more detailed assessment of your land.
  • During the meeting we would discuss your expectations, timescales and answer any questions that arise.
  • Our team will then develop a strategy tailor made to your lands requirements to ensure that we can maximise the potential.
  • Once the promotion agreement has been agreed and signed, we get to work on the planning process, working with the local planning authority and fully engaging with the local community to ensure that any proposed development is sensitive within the local area.
  • Once planning permission is achieved, we will sell the land with the uplifted value to achieve the maximum sale price possible to you.

Please feel free to contact us on 020 7866 2114 or email Ross directly at to unlock the potential of your land.

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