UPDOOR Rooflight



Designed for flat roofs, the stylish UPDOOR rooflight offers safe and smooth access to outside spaces, such as roof terraces or rooftops.

Its modern minimalist profile integrates seamlessly with the architecture of a building, while the large panes of glass ensure optimum levels of daylight into the space below. Plus, it can be used to bring a healthy flow of natural ventilation into your living space.

The UPDOOR skylight opens and closes automatically at the touch of a button, and comes with a wall switch, a remote control, a rain and wind sensor and an internal and external temperature sensor as standard.

Highly secure and weather-resistant, this hinged skylight is flat when closed and stays within low parapet walls – making it ideal for height-restricted spaces.

For increased comfort, safety and functionality, Skymaker offer: inner laminated glass, a remote control, a rain/wind sensor and an internal/external temperature sensor as standard.


● No need for purpose-built kerbs
● GRP Kerb 70% lighter than aluminium while offering the same yield strength
● 4000N twinned actuators are the strongest in the industry
● Mechanisms can’t be forced open due to the motor gearing
● 230v connection for easy wiring.
● Easy to use, controlled by remote, iPad, tablet, wall switch, key fob, keycard, keypad or key switch.
● The most thermally efficient double-glazed product on the market